Printmaps provides the universal cli client (command line interface client) "printmap "printmap <action>" for easy use of the web service. This allows the generation of a reproducible map in a very short time.


The cli client (executable program) is available for various operating systems:

The cli client is a command-line application that must be executed in a terminal window.


In the most cases the initial generated map will not yet meet the expectations. Here begins the process of iterative revisions:

Often the improvements relate to the placement and presentation of custom map and data elements. For fast turn-around times it's recommended to use map style 'raster10'. This design only divides the map into 10x10 rectangles, but does not read any data from the database.

Definition file

The definition file 'map.yaml' contains all the parameters required for the creation of the map. With this file the map can be reproduced at any time. The understanding of the definition parameters is therefore essential. The action 'template' creates a fully functional, simple definition file. It's recommended to work through the definition file (text editor) and to create the default map by applying the action sequence 'create, order, state, download'.

Program start

If the cli client is started without arguments, it issues this usage informations:


1. define map or download sample

2. create map

3. improve map


The build of a map ("printmap order") takes place in a parallel process. The command "printmap state" can be used to determine the current build status.

The start of the build process is documented in the field "mapBuildStarted". When the process is complete, the "mapBuildCompleted" field is updated. The fields "mapBuildSuccessful" and "mapBuildMessage" indicate the success / failure of the build process.

The "printmap state" command is to be executed repeatedly. The download of the map is only possible if / after the field "mapBuildSuccessful" has the value "yes".

Uploading ("printmap upload") of user data is optional. This step must be executed before the build ("printmap order"). It is only required if user data is to be additionally printed on the map. The names of the files to upload are defined in the map control file (map.yaml).