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Further projects:
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Use of the maps
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License conditions of the map data
Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors (ODbL). All maps are based on data from the OpenStreetMap project. OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world that is created by people like you. OpenStreetMap allows geographic data to look at collaborative way from anywhere in the world and edit it.

License conditions of the elevation data
Contour data © The contour lines were created by the opensnowmap project and based on data from 'ASTER GDEM is a product of METI and NASA', 'SRTM 1 Arc-second Global' and 'EU-DEM: Produced using Copernicus data and information funded by the European Union'.

License conditions of the maps
Produced map © Printmaps project. The available maps are a derived work from map and elevation data. The maps can be used without any restrictions. A reference to the Printmaps project is not explicitly required, but would be desirable.

License conditions of the marker
The markers were licensed by the company "". They can only be used for objects (POIs, legend, ...) created for the Printmaps project. All other types of use are prohibited.

The maps are rendered by the "Mapnik" program.

Open Source
Printmaps is an open source application.
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